Hockey Registration now available


N.A.S.C. Hockey is still in a holding pattern as a result of the O.M.H.A. season cancellation and we continue to operate under OHF and Hockey Canada guidelines.

There are many unknowns regarding the upcoming hockey season.


At this time, it is still up in the air what hockey will actually look like, nor do we have any idea when hockey would be starting.  As per the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) that oversees hockey in the province, we have been permitted to allow registrations however, at no cost.


If you have already registered with us, you DO NOT have to register again.


In accordance with OHF, we are required to hold all fees collected to this point and they are to be kept in trust, which N.A.S.C. Hockey has done with a complete accounting of all fees paid.
By registering, you will hold your spot and we will have your contact information. We will send out information and updates to everyone who has registered on what is going to happen in the fall once that information is made available to us. 


Thank you for your continued support of our programs.

Please keep social distancing and stay safe!

Oshawa N.A.S.C. Hockey Executive Committee

To register.....please CLICK HERE

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