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1947 Storie Park Peewee Team

Since 1947 we have successfully organized recreational ice hockey for the children of Oshawa.

Oshawa N.A.S.C. Hockey is an operating committee under the governing body of N.A.S.C. (Neighbourhood Association Sports Committee).


N.A.S.C. is a sub-committee of the O.C.C.N.A. (Oshawa Central Council of Neighbourhood Associations).

Oshawa N.A.S.C Hockey has been incredibly successful and has ran so efficiently, it has often been mistaken for those programs offered by the City of Oshawa. In fact, our learn hockey programs are so well received, they're "often imitated, never duplicated"


We pride ourselves in being the first and the leader in Oshawa in "grassroots" hockey development.

​Oshawa N.A.S.C. Hockey is operated solely by the volunteers in our community,
for the children of Oshawa.

As a proud member of OMHA, Oshawa N.A.S.C. Hockey is Oshawa’s first house league established in 1947.


As a sub-committee of the Neighbourhood Association of Sports Committees, N.A.S.C. Hockey was based on “community” and was formed representing the twenty (20) Neighbourhood park associations that even today, geographically cover the entire city of Oshawa.

The focus of the hockey program is to promote a fun, wholesome, recreational house league ice hockey environment not only for the players involved, but for the coaches, managers, parents and league officials.

Oshawa N.A.S.C. Hockey plays an essential role in the City of Oshawa. Our instructional programs are unique and are second-to-none in the Durham Region. In fact, our programs have been run so successfully, they’re often mistaken for those offered by the city itself.

We were the first association in Oshawa to offer kid focused programming and it has received incredible results. N.A.S.C. Hockey adopted the slogan; “Making Hockey Fun – Through Teaching Confidence”.


The philosophy is simple:


“Skating is a key factor to enjoying this game that we love. Hockey is only fun when you’re playing the sport, not having to work at it.”

Through this vision, N.A.S.C. Hockey has built their successes and developed the programming offered to be truly “kid-focused”.


If you can’t skate, we’ll teach you!

The league offers a Foundations of Hockey program geared towards 3 and 4 year old kids who have never had the opportunity to skate and try hockey.


Also available is the very successful N.A.S.C. “Flying  Fives / Super Six” (Under 7) Instructional Hockey program  where, all players are placed onto 5 and 6-year-old “only” teams. The Saturday program consists of bi-weekly (1 week scrimmage / 1 week practice/hockey school) sessions complete with timekeeper to truly teach those 5 and 6-year old players the basics of the “game”. The goal of the program is to continue building confidence skills, and introduce positioning to prepare those players who will graduate to the Novice (Under 9) level where they begin playing organized scrimmages on a larger ice surface.


Being offered again at no extra cost to our families this 2022-2023 season is our refreshed and enhanced "Super Novice" (Under 9) Development Division program. N.A.S.C. Hockey will offer a special program to those players aged 7 and 8 years of age the opportunity to develop within a formalized development division and attend a specialized structured skills development program each week taught by renowned Power Skating instruction “Scary Skate”!

Our  “McDonalds atoMc" development program has also been largely successful.

All Under 11 players will participate on their assigned teams and continue to thrive and learn in their weekly program (1 game / 1 practice per week) however, the players will be scheduled to attend an additional structured "hockey skills program" with Power Skating instruction "Scary Skate" at no additional cost to our families.  The focus of this program is to expand and enhance the players ability on their feet including advanced edges, turns, forwards/backwards, acceleration, puck handling and an introduction to correct posture and shooting technique.

These sessions are scheduled on Thursday evenings at Harman Park arena at a new more accessible time of 6:30pm and 7:30pm.

The focus of the N.A.S.C. hockey school is to continue the teachings of the successful hockey schools. Coaches and parent volunteers are encouraged to help and they also become students as well by learning the drills and techniques.

The drills in the hockey school are focused on balance and puck control. Drills are structured in a progressive fashion with the focus always being to teach the player to be confident on their feet. Skating, skating, skating...and a valuable introduction to stick handling and puck control is the emphasis.

We are unique.

We’re the only house league in Oshawa to offer structured, “kid-focused” certified instruction included with your inclusive fees.

N.A.S.C. Hockey offers programming from 3 years to 19 years of age to both male and female participants.

Program features

  • U5 Minibits "Foundations of Hockey"

  • Under 7 (5-6 Learn-to-skate/Skills)

  • Under 7 Instructional Hockey Schools

  • Under 9 "Scary Skate" Skills

  • Under 11 "atoMc" "Scary Skate" Skills Development

  • Goalie "only" clinics

  • Coach Mentorship

  • N.A.S.C. Falcons select (all-star)

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