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"​atoMc" - McDonald's Skills Program

N.A.S.C. / ​atoMc Skills Program

Those players who have graduated from our "Novice" Instructional Hockey Program are the focus of this exciting extended program offering.

All Atom players will participate on their assigned teams and continue to thrive and learn in their weekly program ( 1 game / 1 practice per week) however, included with registration, the players will be scheduled to attend an additional structured "hockey skills program".  

The focus of this program is to expand and enhance the players ability on their feet including advanced edges, turns, forwards/backwards, acceleration, puck handling and an introduction to correct posture and shooting technique.

These sessions are scheduled on Thursday evenings at Harman Park arena at 7:30pm and 8:30pm.

The focus of the N.A.S.C. hockey school is to continue the teachings of the successful  hockey schools and  "NOVICE" Instructional Hockey Program.


Coaches and parent volunteers are encouraged to help and they also become students as well by learning the drills and techniques.

The drills in the hockey school are focused on balance and puck control. Drills are structured in a progressive fashion with the focus always being to teach the player to be confident on their feet. Skating, skating, skating...and a valuable introduction to stick handling and puck control is the emphasis.

The rest as a result, will come naturally...

Based on the success of our existing programs, we've already proven our approach is correct.




All 11 and 12 year olds will participate on their teams and continue to learn in their weekly program
(1 game and 1 practice per week) with the focus being forward and backward stride, proper body position, balance, edge control and puck handling. Team structure and teaching also includes offensive and defensive strategy taught by our OMHA certified coaching staff.

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