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Family Assistance Program 
Sponsored By N.A.S.C. Hockey and various Corporate Sponsors

Welcome to our family!

Everyone can use a helping hand every now and then. It is the goal of N.A.S.C. Hockey to ensure that every child is given an opportunity to try the sport we love! The primary purpose of our N.A.S.C. Hockey "Family Assistance Fund" is to help provide those less fortunate the opportunity to participate in our favourite past time.

How does it work?

As a prerequisite, ALL persons who apply for the N.A.S.C. Family Assistance Fund are required to apply FIRST to one of the three (3) corporate sponsors listed below. 


  1. Jumpstart

  2. Kidsport Canada

  3. Their Opportunity

Proof of your application to one of the three (3) partners listed above MUST accompany your application along with the email confirmation.

The family assistance fund officially started in 2012, N.A.S.C. Hockey and is self-funded on behalf of the hockey executive. N.A.S.C. Hockey has been provided the opportunity for assistance from all of the corporate partners appearing on this page.

A Registration fee of $150 is required to be provided by the family at the time of registration as this deems the family a member of the hockey organization.


Once the family has been formally approved for the maximum allowable funding from the corporate partner, the N.A.S.C. Hockey Family Assistance Program will in most cases, provide the full funding for the balance remaining.

If you have any questions please EMAIL US


Please CLICK HERE to download the subsidy application.

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