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  • Q. - At what age can you start playing?
    A. - N.A.S.C. Hockey accepts players as young as 3 years of age (by Dec.31st of the registration year) up to and including 19 years of age (Juvenile)
  • Q. - What is your Mini-Bits "Hockey School"?"
    A. - Our Hockey School is also known as "Timbit" hockey. The jerseys are provided to the league by Tim Hortons. Our Hockey School has been created specifically for the child who is just getting started as having fun and learning the basics is the key to building confidence. Players are on the ice once a week. Once weekly, all participants aged 3 and 4 years old will enjoy the benefit of having NASC certified instruction. The focus of the program will be as follows: * Lots of activity going on * Using your whole ice surface * Focusing on the basic skills * Skating Every session will include 25 minutes of skating instruction followed by 25 minutes of Balance and FUN Orientated skills with an average 1:5 instructor ratio per session. This program is taught using some very unconventional methods including rubber chickens, rubber pigs, flying donuts, etc. Hockey is supposed to be FUN isn't it ?
  • Q. - What is the "Flying Fives - Super Six" instructional hockey program?"
    A. - The instructional program has been split into two groups. 5-year olds into one group and 6-year old players into their own group (as per Hockey Canada guidelines). To accommodate those 6 year-old players, unique to N.A.S.C. Hockey, is the ..."SUPER SIX" Instructional Hockey Program! ​ Those players who are 5 and 6 years of age will be placed onto teams and continue to thrive and learn in their weekly hockey school instructional environment, however, their Saturday program will be expanded to truly teach those players the game. Players in both groups are on the ice twice weekly, once with their team at the "hockey school" and a second time on the Saturday. The focus of the N.A.S.C. hockey school is to continue the teachings of the "N.A.S.C. instructional" hockey schools. The ice is broken into stations so that all players are active and are introduced to many different skating and puck control scenarios. Coaches and parent volunteers are encouraged to help and they also become students as well by learning the drills and techniques. The drills in the hockey school are structured in a progressive fashion with the focus always being to teach the player to be confident on their feet. Skating, skating, skating...The rest as a result, will come naturally.
  • Q. - What is the "Super Novice" instructional hockey program?"
    NEW! Minor Novice/Novice Enhanced Development Division As a result of Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA), no longer providing players the opportunity to play select hockey at Minor Novice (7 years) and Novice (8 years), N.A.S.C. Hockey will be offering a new and enhanced Novice development program with the goal of preparing those kids for select level hockey. N.A.S.C. "Super Novice Development" Division Starting in October N.A.S.C. Hockey will offer our NEW and enhanced Super Novice Development Program. We suggest that you register early to ensure your spot in this new development program! N.A.S.C. Hockey is the FIRST association to offer this type of development program within a structured division. N.A.S.C. Hockey will offer a special program to those players aged 7 and 8 years of age the opportunity to develop within a formalized development division and attend a specialized structured skills development program each week taught by renowned Power Skating instruction “Scary Skate”! The program focus is on skating and player confidence, reinforced by individual skill including puck control. Players will be on the ice on average two (2) to three (3) sessions per week. Saturday and Sunday with their team coaches and again at the Tribute Communities Centre with Scary Skate Development on Tuesday evenings. The program is designed to challenge those players with the focus on individual skill development of skating and puck skills. These newly structured Divisions will commence in October and all players will be assessed and assigned to teams with the goal of balancing the Division over the ensuing first eight (8) weeks. The intent of this program is to build on the child's natural ability and provide them with an opportunity to advance their individual skill level by playing within our new Super Novice Development Division program. Teams in the Minor Novice (7) Division will be formed with nine (9) players per team (8 skaters - 1 goalie) as their format is 4-on-4 with every player being provided the opportunity to rotate through the goaltender position. Teams in the Novice (8) Division will be formed with the goal of eighteen (18) players (16 skaters - 2 goaltenders) per team as their format is 4-on-4 with every player being provided the opportunity to rotate through the goaltender position. Leading up to full-ice in January, the team will "split" at (9) players per team (8 skaters - 1 goalie) taking each side of the ice surface to facilitate the half-ice scrimmage requirement leading up to the full-ice transition in January as per Hockey Canada. As Novice 8 teams transition to full-ice games/scrimmages after January 15th, all eighteen players will face their full team opponent with goaltenders splitting the full-ice scrimmage/game play. By having the full complement of 18 kids to facilitate full-ice game play, the kids will be better suited to participate on the full ice surface. These larger sized teams allows for “split-squad” Exhibition scrimmages to be played throughout the season with opportunities for the full team configuration to scrimmage on full- ice which will be provided after January 15th of the current season.
  • Q. - Do you offer any other programs?
    A. - N.A.S.C. Hockey does offer many other programs. As part of our curriculum, we offer Goalie "only" clinics, Power Skating sessions with "Scary Skate" and Mary Giacalone (from Tyke/ Novice / Atom), we also offer those players wanting to try a higher calibre of hockey, the N.A.S.C. Select/All-Star program and we've introduced our new "Coaches Mentorship Program"
  • Q. - What do I need? Where can I buy hockey equipment?
    A. - Hockey is a fantastic sport but in order to play it safely and enjoy the experience you should have good equipment that fits properly to protect your body yet still allows you a proper range of motion to perform the required physical skill. For those new to the game, places like Canadian Tire or WalMart offer starter kits for a very reasonable price. Used gear stores like Legends Sports can also help with acquiring skates. For a full checklist of what you'll need, please visit our "Equipment" page.
  • Q. - What does it cost to play?
    A. - N.A.S.C. Hockey is very affordable and by far, the best value for your money in all of Durham Region. For full pricing information, please check our Registration page. Registration fees in combination with the monthly hockey fees cover ALL of the following: All games/ All practices/ Referee fees Goalie clinics (1 session per month) Power skating (3 sessions over the course of the season - Novice / Atom) All Hockey schools Coaches mentorship programs *OMHA certifications for ALL N.A.S.C. registered coaches/trainers/PRS clinics (*certain guidelines apply) OMHA insurance League trophies
  • Q. - What does it cost to play Select Hockey?
    A. - N.A.S.C. Select/All-Star hockey programs vary slightly by division and the activity level of the team. N.A.S.C. Hockey collects a $200.00 deposit to assist in off-setting program costs. Monthly ice costs average $80 - $100/mth which includes games, practices and tournaments. Each team sets their budget and submits it to the N.A.S.C. Hockey executive for approval.
  • Q. - What is N.A.S.C. Select Hockey?
    A. - N.A.S.C. Select teams are based on the "grass roots" concept of the "All-Star" or "Tournament" team. N.A.S.C. Select teams will participate in "exhibition" games/series and varied tournaments. Select teams are run independent of their house league affiliates and all players are responsible to provide ice fees to both teams. All players MUST fulfill their obligation to their house league team first and are required to fully participate on both teams. Failure to do so can and will result in removal of this privilege.
  • Q. - When/Where do you play?
    A. - Ice Allocation is set by the City of Oshawa based on spring registration numbers. While the city attempts to maintain the arenas they assigned in the previous year, this may and can change from year-to-year based on registration numbers, City of Oshawa programs, tournament requirements, etc. Last season, N.A.S.C. Hockey was based primarily out of Harman Park Arena and also had Thursday evening and weekend ice at the Legends Centre. Typical game/practice days for Instructional 3/4 and Super Six were Monday/Saturday, Atom/Peewee was Saturday/Sunday, Bantam was Monday night/ Friday night and Midget hockey was Thursday night. Bantam division plays 6 games/month with a practice per team every 3 weeks (approx.).
  • Q. - When does the season start?
    A. - The season typically starts the first Monday in October.
  • Q. - What do I need to register?
    A. - N.A.S.C. Hockey is provided to those who live within the City of Oshawa. To register, you will need the player's birth certificate, and proof of residency (water bill, gas bill, drivers' licence, etc.) We hope we've answered many of your questions. If your specific question is not listed, please feel free to give us a call at (905) 721-1362.
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