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BACK IN 2022!

N.A.S.C. Hockey is proud to announce we will once again be offering our program for the 2022-2023 season.

Based on our successes, we will once again offer our Foundations Program - "Mini Bits" ! 

The program will be offered to those three (3) and four (4) year old players providing the opportunity to learn how to skate.

Cost is only $350 for the ENTIRE SEASON!

The focus of the hockey program is to promote a fun, wholesome, recreational house league ice hockey environment not only for the players involved, but for the coaches, managers, parents and league officials.

N.A.S.C. is proud to be the first, and the leader in hockey instruction in the city. As a compliment to our successes, our programs are “Often imitated, Never duplicated”.

Minibits has proven to be one of our most successful hockey programs.

​In accordance with new OMHA Development Guidelines....

​Given the success of our Foundations program last season, we will once again be offering the Instructional/Foundations Program!

Utilizing N.A.S.C.'s very best instructors and a low ratio of instructors to students (approx. 4:1) this program is the best learn to skate program anywhere in Durham Region.

Children will be on the ice only once weekly on Sunday mornings.

Program cost is only $350 for the entire season!

PLEASE NOTE: Parents are welcomed to go onto the ice with the children. However, it is our goal to remove you as soon as your child is confident and is ready.

Payment MUST be made at the time of registration.

PLEASE visit our Registration page for instructions on how to register online through our Hockey Canada/OMHA portal in order to secure your spot.

​Every session will include 25 minutes of skating instruction followed by 25 minutes of FUN! 

The best thing is, they won't even realize  they're still learning....

A maximum number of approximately 25 children will be permitted on the ice each hour.

Session Format
The ice surface will be broken into three sections. Temporary foam construction, removable boards will divide the ice and will make the ice surface size more appropriate to the size of the players using it. This reduction in ice size also facilitates more control and provides a better suited instructor-to-student ratio.

All players will be assessed on their ability in accordance with the six (6) levels of ability as noted below and they will be assigned into the appropriate section for their ability.

By assigning the players into their appropriate ability category, this will also provide a better suited, specified instruction to assist those players and over the course of the season, this will allow all players to achieve their potential.

Each team will be allowed a maximum of 3 Coaches/Helpers on ice per session.

However, during the first month of the program, we invite more on-ice help until the kids are working on their own ability.

N.A.S.C. Foundations of Hockey Levels​

Level 1

Falling down
Getting up
Balancing on two feet
Turning on the spot
Skating forwards (walking)

Level 2
Forward 2 foot glide
Forward sculling (bubbles)
Forward sliding touching toes
Backward skating (walking)
Forward stopping (snowplow, 1/2 snowplow)

Level 3
Backward sculling (bubbles)
2 foot turn, forward to backwards
Forward 1 foot glide (both feet)
Backward stopping (snowplow & 1/2 snowplow)
Skating forwards -- 2 foot jump

Level 4
5 consecutive crossovers
2 foot glide to 1 foot
2 foot jump (forward-backward & backward-forward)
Backward skating
Forward to backward skating on circle

Level 5
Back crossovers (walking)
5 consecutive crossovers
Forward to backward sculling
2 foot jump (forward - back & back to forward)
2 foot turning on a curve

Level 6
2 foot side stop both ways
Slalom forward and backward
Backward gliding on curve (1 foot)
Inside edges forward
Consecutive back crossovers

Equipment Needed (Please CLICK HERE for a full equipment listing)

  • Skates

  • Hockey Stick

  • CSA approved helmet with cage is mandatory

  • Full Hockey equipment

  • Mouthguard is mandatory


Program Benefits

  • Fun and increased confidence on their feet

  • Structured, focused professional instruction provided by N.A.S.C. Certified Instructors

  • Age / skill level appropriate teaching

  • League supplied uniforms 

  • League supplied education tools (pucks, pylons,etc.)

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