Completion of the Respect-In-Sport course is a MANDATORY Requirement of all NEW OMHA members as directed by the
Ontario Minor Hockey Association

Once registered, If this course is NOT completed, your child will not be permitted to take the ice as per OMHA.

Thank you for your cooperation

If you have already completed this course last season, please CLICK HERE,


otherwise you MUST read the information as provided below and complete the mandatory Parent Respect In Sport course. Thank you...

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Parents Respect-In-Sport Initiative

How to get Started

The Respect in Sport Parent Program, Canada’s only online training and certification program, compliments Respect in Sport for Coaches/Activity Leaders. This program reinforces a parent’s role by encouraging positive sport behaviors and providing insight into other roles, such as coaches and officials, play.


The Respect in Sport Parent program empowers parents to ensure their child’s safety, encourages positive and effective communication, and creates a standard of respectful behavior for all parents of active kids.




The Respect in Sport Program for Parents is a unique, in-depth one (1) hour online program geared to providing the parent with information on how to evaluate and understand: 



  • Parental influence over a child 

  • Coach and leader roles in sport

  • Role of the parent and coach in ensuring a child's enjoyment of a sport

  • Protecting your child when outside of your immediate control

  • Concussion awareness and Return to Play guidelines

  • Long-Term Player Development

All member familes are required to hold Respect In Sport certification and registered with the OMHA in place prior to the approval of their child be approved on a Team Roster.



​N.A.S.C. Hockey - Respect In Sport MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS​

In order to ensure the success of this program, it will be a mandatory requirement of N.A.S.C. Hockey that all NEW members of  N.A.S.C. Hockey, must complete the Respect In Sport Parent course, AND provide a copy of the successful completion certificate to the league registrar.


It is important that the certificate number is recorded and the certificate is printed so that the league registrar can validate that your completed course has been properly attached to your child's record in Hockey Canada.



New Members to N.A.S.C. Hockey will be permitted to register, but will have a three (3) week timeframe in which to complete this course and provide a copy of the completion certificate to the N.A.S.C. Hockey League Registrar.



Players that are registered with the association, without having a successful completion certificate, WILL NOT be Approved to their team and will be deemed ineligible to participate until such a time that the certificate has been provided, as per OMHA.

Thank you for your continued support of N.A.S.C. Hockey and your commitment to your child in this important initiative.


Respect-In-Sport - Parent Program (MANDATORY)


This course MUST be completed once you have registered your child.



N.A.S.C. Hockey does not have a preregistration code.

All parents must provide the $12 course fee

Please CLICK HERE to access the Respect In Sport "Parent" On-Line course



This course is MANDATORY in order for your child to play hockey in the OMHA.

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On-line Registration is now CLOSED

Registration is being handled differently for the upcoming season. N.A.S.C. Hockey is near capacity and online registration is no longer available. If you wish to register, please do so by contacting (905) 721-1362 and ask for Kathy.​

Please visit here to register your child by Cheque

Please call (905) 721-1362 to complete the registration process.

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