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MANDATORY OMHA 3.0 Player Profile Update

Parents, you are required to re-register your player with the OMHA even if you played before. 

This is a requirement for all players and you MUST create a new account in the new Hockey Canada Registration Portal.

First Sign-in

When you first click the Registration link from our website, you will be taken to the “Register Now!” page. In the upper right corner, you will see the “Login” button. You will click there to create your account in HCR 3.0.


NOTE: All existing members/participants have been migrated from the old platform that you used last season. All registrants are required to set up a new account in the new platform.


Please use a personal email for this purpose and not a work email. It is important that you use an email account that will not be changed. Using an eMail account that may change can make password recovery difficult. We no longer have the ability to change passwords.



Your first Sign-in

​You can either enter an email you have used before or click on the “Sign up” button. Both will prompt you to set up an account. You may get the error message if the email does not exist in the system. This is OK, just continue to click on Sign up

Creating Your Account

​Fill out the form that appears, entering your email, first name and last name.

​NOTE: ensure the email is valid and that you have access to it. A verification code will be sent to this email account in the next step!

The password you create must have the following as a minimum:

•8 characters

•1 Upper case letter

•1 lower case letter

•1 number

•1 special character (e.g. *^_?, etc.)


Once entered, click “Sign up"

…Creating Your Account in HCR 3.0

Enter the verification code sent to you via email. If email is not received, you can try the “Send Email” link on the bottom. As well, check your spam/junk folders.

Once entered, click “Verify”

If verification is valid, you will be directed to the login screen again. Login (again), and then agree to Hockey Canada Registry Terms and Conditions.

After that, you will be directed to the Register Now! page again, but this time you are signed in and ready to register participants.

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