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N.A.S.C / Scary Skate
Power Skating Program

N.A.S.C. Hockey is Proud to Offer Power Skating again for 2020/2021 season !

N.A.S.C. Hockey is proud to announce that for the 15th consecutive year, Mary Giacalone and the "Scary Skate" instructors are combining forces again to offer the "Power Skating" Program to N.A.S.C. Registered players from Novice and Atom !

This training will be IN ADDITION to the new Super Novice Development program!

N.A.S.C. Hockey is proud that our structured power skating program for all of our participants from Novice and Atom has once again been received with rave reviews!


All at no additional costs to our participants!

It will be "ear-marked" that the 3rd Sunday of each month (October, November) and the third Sunday in January and February (4 sessions in total), will be "power skating day" at the rink. Each month, during your regularly scheduled practice, you will be joined by "Scary Mary" and her "Scary Skate" certified instructors.

It is a prerequisite that all coaching staff must have a team representative present for all power skating sessions. It is mandatory that a team official accompany their team on the ice during these sessions.

The concept is to teach both the student and the teacher at the same time so that they have the proper tools in place for the coaching staff to continue this teaching during the season.

This program will provide certified, on-ice instructor-led courses for both players and coaches as supplied by the league.

The philosophy is simple...

Skating is a key factor to enjoying this game that we love.
Hockey is only fun when you're playing the sport, not having to work at it.

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