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N.A.S.C. Hockey will be offering Specialty Clinics to our N.A.S.C. Coaches

These 3 hour clinics are composed of in-class (to be held at Valleyview Clubhouse) and on-ice sessions (to be held at Harman Park ) and are facilitated by OMHA Instructors trained by Hockey Canada. The focus of these clinics is to assist the coach in developing the knowledge and skills to teach and develop age appropriate skills (based upon Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development model).


Coaches can earn Professional Development credit towards renewal of NCCP certification.

Three (3) clinics will be offered this season...

Skating (October 27th) 11am - 12:30pm (Valleyview) 
Efficient and effective skating is the foundation for all other hockey skills. Skating ability is directly related to puck control, shooting, and checking, and improving a player’s skating ability works towards improving all aspects of his/her game and greatly enhance their enjoyment of the game. Curriculum includes: Balance & Agility; Edge Control; Striding; Backward Skating; Turning & Crossovers


Goaltending (November 10th)
Goaltending is a specialized position that minor hockey coaches often find challenging to lead and teach. Learn the foundation of technical skills including skating, stance, moving, positioning, save selection and puck control. Along with the technical aspect of goaltending, coaches will be introduced to practice utilization, communication and specific drills related to goaltending.

Developing Defensemen (November 24th)
Coaches are introduced to the basic principles of defensive skating, regroup, neutral zone play, defensive zone 1-on-1 play, shooting, and individual breakout skills. The on-ice portion demonstrates drills focusing on these skills.

Coaches are required to complete the registration form accessible from the link below. All Coaches MUST register. If you register and DO NOT attend the clinic, you will be charged $25.00

Thank you for your understanding.


Skating 1 – Oct. 27, 2019


Goaltending 1 – Nov. 10, 2019


Developing Defencemen 1 – Nov. 24, 2019

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