Since 1947 we have successfully organized recreational ice hockey for the children of Oshawa.

Oshawa N.A.S.C. Hockey is an operating committee under the governing body of N.A.S.C. (Neighbourhood Association Sports Committee). N.A.S.C. is a sub-committee of the O.C.C.N.A. (Oshawa Central Council of Neighbourhood Associations).

Oshawa N.A.S.C Hockey has been incredibly successful and has ran so efficiently, it has often been mistaken for those programs offered by the City of Oshawa. In fact, our learn hockey programs are so well received, they're "often imitated, never duplicated" . We pride ourselves in being the first and the leader in Oshawa in "grassroots" hockey development.

Registration for 2020/21 Season

Registration is being handled differently for the upcoming season. Please read below  for full details.

If you have additional questions, please do so by contacting (905) 721-1362 and ask for Kathy.


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Please download, print, and complete the form.

Please call (905) 721-1362 to complete the registration process.

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Proposed Fee Structure for 2020/21 Season

Provided below is the proposed fee structure to align with our proposed programming which is under review by OMHA. Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, we are breaking down the season into smaller sections. Fees will be due as per the table. 

OHF Return to Hockey - Stage 3B update

Updated Information Provided (please see below)

(Updated Sept.16, 2020)


This update is long to read, but it contains a wealth of information. Please read the entire article as we felt it is important to be open and transparent in order for you, the parents to make an informed decision.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the restrictions in place by OMHA, we are unable to offer our Foundations of Hockey program to players aged 3 and 4 years old which is our beloved "Minibits" program. As such, refunds (if applicable) will be processed in the next week.


The logistics of trying to keep players at that age physically distanced without assigning a volunteer to each child is not realistic. It is also not safe to have children being transported in car seats wearing full hockey equipment as all players must arrive at the arena fully dressed. We must always keep in mind safety first.

We will however, continue to offer hockey to those players aged 5 and older.

The City of Oshawa has just provided us with the proposed ice allocations and facility schedules. We now know that due to additional cleaning, the number of available hours to our association has been reduced by 30%. This is why it is important to us, that if you are intending to play hockey this season we need you to register now.

Please note: due to our reduced ice, registrations will be first come, first served.

If you are a non-Oshawa resident and played with us last season, you can register again without issue.

OMHA has advised that they will NOT allow players to transfer/switch leagues (e.g. NASC to OCHL, OCHL to NASC, CRHL to NASC, etc.). Players are required to play where they did last season.

As an example, if you are a non-Oshawa resident and your 6-year-old was registered with us and you want to bring their sibling to us for this season, it WILL NOT be permitted. However, your 6-year-old who played with us last season can still register and play this season.  

The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF), which governs all hockey programming in the province, has mandated that there will be no representative hockey permitted during Stage 3 in their Return to Hockey Framework. This means that there will be NO tryouts for rep teams, which also means there will be NO Falcons Select hockey for this season and all hockey programming will take place strictly within local associations (i.e. house league).

In addition, there will also be NO Christmas hockey tournament.

There is a possibility if we progress to Stage 3D or 3E for games that will progress to 5-on-5 with continued modified game play rules.

We are now in Stage 3B and do not anticipate progression to stages D or E until at least January 2021.

A return to a normal hockey season will only occur during Stage 4 when the OHF, OMHA and the Public Health Department(s) feel it is safe to do so.  

Important OMHA guidelines to understand:

  • Players are to be grouped to a maximum of 50 or less (referred to as a "cohort" or "bubble") depending on the Public Health Unit (PHU). The OHF will review the maximum number permitted upon amendments by the Ontario Government. The number of 50 refers to players only. Bench Staff are not included in this cohort/bubble.

  • NASC Hockey will be using the cohort number of 40 players in which to develop our programs

  • Programming can only be internal to an association

  • Teams will be rostered to a maximum of 9 players + 1 goalie.
    (more likely nine (9) to a team to facilitate 4-on-4 game play)

  • Only one (1) Coach and one (1) Trainer can be on the bench during 3-on-3 & 4-on-4 games in order to maintain physical distancing on the bench, as such, we are only rostering a Coach, Manager and Trainer to a team.

  • Following a minimum two-week development phase for any programming, modified 3-on-3 & 4-on-4 game play with NO physical contact hockey may begin. All Game Play is within local Public Health Unit (PHU). All game play must be conducted in conjunction with the local Public Health Unit (PHU) and facility rules for the purpose of sanitation and physical distancing.

  • For this season, there will be no standings or league championships as all game play is to be facilitated through a modified set of rules for this season.

While we are sharing our intentions, it is extremely important to keep in mind that this is all very fluid and things can easily change. At any time, if an outbreak or a second wave of COVID-19 occurs, we may be forced to reverting back to previous stages (e.g. Stage 2) where no game play is permitted and only training sessions with physical distancing would be allowed.

We have attempted to take this into consideration while planning and have purposefully allowed for flexibility within the proposed season and season payment structure. Our structure will consist of four (4) blocks of six (6) weeks each and actual costs will be finalized by Sept.11th

The goal of N.A.S.C. Hockey programs has been and will continue to be individual confidence building and team skills development as well as offer games based on a modified format (4-on-4). We will only offer 3-on-3 if registration numbers dictate this.

Players will be grouped into cohorts/bubbles of approximately 40 individuals. Where necessary, cohorts may be structured a little differently based on registration numbers. The team that a player played on in the 2019/2020 season, including the player ratings will be used to assist in creating these groups, however in exceptional circumstances an individual may be moved up an age group or cohort level if it is deemed necessary to do so.

It is our intention to have the weekly ice sessions to consist of the following:

  • Each player Under 15 (ages 5 through 14 ) will receive two (2) hours per week

  • Under 18 (e.g. old term Midget) will receive one (1) hour per week

  • First two weeks for all programs must consist of all development (e.g. practices) as per OHF

  • Each week thereafter will consist of a varied combination of practice, skills and games

  • Practices and skills sessions will consist of a maximum 20 players (not including coaches on the ice)

Please keep these additional considerations in mind:

N.A.S.C. Hockey has always put the health and safety of our kids and families first and it is our top priority. Our programming will adhere to all provincial and local public health authority stipulations/guidelines/directives as well as the operating procedures set out by the local facilities whom we rent our ice from.

Once we have a firm understanding of our registration numbers and are able to finalize our programming, all proposed programming must first be submitted to and approved by the OMHA and our local Public Health Unit – in our case Durham Region. We need to have our plan submitted by the middle/end of September and hopefully accepted shortly thereafter. Once this has taken place, and we have firm registration numbers, we will share the specific details of the seasonal plan with all of you, including exact fee structures and exact start dates.

We are hoping that we can get things going by mid to end of October.

N.A.S.C. Hockey is required to follow all parameters identified in the Hockey Canada Safety Guidelines.

Additionally, ALL participants, including players, coaches and instructors, will be required to complete a health screening prior to every single on-ice activity (practice, games, skills, etc.). The health screening may be completed verbally by a coaching staff member. Furthermore, a participant tracking sheet has to be completed for each on ice session in order to facilitate contact tracing in the event of a COVID-19 exposure.

This information will be collected either electronically or in hard copy and will be stored in a secure location, only to be accessed by our league executive if required. This contact tracing is a mandatory requirement of participation.

We would like to make this very simple, if you are not feeling well. please stay home.

The City of Oshawa has now increased the number of participants permitted in an arena to 50.

This being said, due to building and arena restrictions, we will only be allowed to have one (1) person accompany the player to witness the on-ice activity until restrictions are further lifted.

As it stands now, the intention is to have players arrived to the rink fully dressed. A parent/guardian will be permitted to assist the child in getting ready for the ice. Masks must be worn by all when in the arena. Players will remove their mask just prior to going onto the ice.  Players will be brought into the facility 15 minutes prior to their on-ice session in which to put on their skates/helmets/gloves. We strongly recommend that skate guards be purchased so that players skates are able to be worn walking into the arena at time of drop off. As such, it is critically important that schedules be met as the window to enter/exit the arenas are being strictly kept. Once the session is complete, players are only allowed 15 minutes in which to remove their skates and be returned to their parents.

Registration is still currently open on-line, however this may change due to a loss of ice and a cap of participants.

This season will be drastically different than any of us have ever experienced. We too are having to adjust so we ask that all parents please exercise patience while we work through this together. 

Thank you for continuing to support NASC Hockey.

Oshawa N.A.S.C. Hockey Executive Committee


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We are very honoured to have been recognized each year for the past five (5) consecutive years! It is a testament to both our volunteers and families.

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